Depression, Addiction Oscar de la Hoya’s greatest fight

altBoxing champion Oscar de la Hoya has 10 world titles and one Olympic gold medal to his name but says you could put all of the opponents in the ring at one time and it wouldn’t be as challenging as his fight against alcohol and drugs. He even revealed in an interview with the Spanish-language network Univision, that he has contemplated suicide. “This is the biggest fight of my life,” de la Hoya said. “I could put all my opponents in one ring and battle all of them, but this monster is going to be the toughest fight of my life.”

Dr. Jason Hershberger, a psychiatrist at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., said de la Hoya’s struggles could be linked to his public profile inside and outside the boxing ring. “Being famous and in the public spotlight is a pressure,” Hershberger said. “Often what happens in depression is there’s a feeling you’re not meeting the expectations of people around you. And fame can just heighten those feelings.”

Alternatively, Hershberger said success might make it easier for some famous people to deny that they have a problem regarding depression or substance abuse.

De la Hoya  said he used alcohol and drugs as an escape route from the pressures of his life. “They took me to a place where I felt safe,” he said.

Depression and substance abuse “are two horses that often run together,” Hershberger said. “Tough men in America are often reluctant to get help for depression, even desperate depression that can lead to suicide. So they often self-medicate and do things to feel better,” such partaking in alcohol or drugs.

 But the irony of that connection is that substance abuse can make depression worse by creating an imbalance in the brain’s chemistry — specifically in the neurotransmitters that send information from one cell to another. For example cocaine causes the brain to stop recycling dopamine, locking it out into the synaptic cleft. When that initially happens extreme euphoria and sexuality spikes (especially in men for which dopamine is a precursor to erections). This would not necessarily be a bad thing were cocaine not so physically addictive. Most of the common antidepressants like St. John’s Wort and Prozac work in the same manner, albeit with the serotonin, and are not addictive. de la Hoya’s other addiction, alcohol, causes his brain to download GABA a relaxing feel-good neurotransmitter. Alcohol also happens to be a central nervous system depressant that slowly poisons the body via acetaldehyde, the cause of hangovers. Acetaldehyde also binds to proteins to form adducts that are linked to organ disease. Prolonged exposure to acetaldehyde is a significant organ irritant and probable carcinogen. 

De la Hoya is undergoing depression treatment and has joined Alcoholics Anonymous.



Kate Middleton gets ‘counseling’ to avoid depression Princess Diana suffered

Kate Middleton is wearing Princess Diana’s ring, but Prince William wants to make sure his new fiancée never suffers from the depression and isolation that affected his mother. The newly-engaged Middleton is in “counseling” sessions to help prepare her for life as a royal. “Kate, as a new and vulnerable bride, is deemed to need a lot of help with that,” a source told the paper. “The royals are desperate not to have another downward spiral of a marriage and they feel Kate has very vulnerable and soft spots. Apparently she was destroyed when William broke up with her (in 2007).”

Middleton’s “training sessions” reportedly include pointers on how to cope with playing second fiddle to a husband whose first priority is his country, not his family.

She is also getting lessons in royal etiquette so she can blend in seamlessly with her new family. William set up the counseling as part of a larger effort to help Middleton make a happy adjustment to royal life, the Daily Mail reports. He wants to prevent his soon-to-be wife from ending up like Diana, who famously felt alone and unhappy shortly after her wedding.


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“FINDING HULK HOGAN” One-hour Special Gives An Unflinching Look At Hulk Hogan’s Life In The Aftermath Of His Divorce, Depression, Lawsuits . . . Airing on November 17th.


Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, has been world-famous for almost thirty years. From the fan frenzy of Hulkamania all the way through to the tabloid-driven fascination with his family, Hulk has lived his entire adult life in the public eye. Losing nearly everything in the aftermath of his divorce, a pending lawsuit from his son’s tragiccar accident, and a body riddled with injuries from years in the ring, Hogan must now start over at a time when he thought he would be happily settled into his retirement. Emotional, and completely honest, “Finding Hulk Hogan” tells his side of the story — and gives viewers a Hulk Hogan they’ve never seen before. The one-hour special premieres Wednesday, November 17 at 10PM ET/PT.

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Larry King’s Wife OD’s on Depression Medication, Rushed to Hospital

On Friday, May 28, 2010, Shawn Southwick suffered from a drug overdose, was found lying unconscious in her Utah home and was promptly rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment. The 50-year-old woman is CNN talk show host Larry King’s seventh wife and she reportedly overdosed on depression medication. Her father Karl Engemann, spoke with a 911 dispatcher after he discovered his daughter unconscious in her home.

According to The New York Daily News, he calmly informed the 911 employee, “I can’t wake her up, she may have overmedicated. She’s unconscious. I slap her and I holler at her and she opens her eyes halfway and puts them back down again.”

When the emergency dispatcher asked the 76-year-old Engemann whether or not he believed his daughter tried to kill herself by intentionally overdosing on depression medication, he responded by saying, “No, no, no. It wouldn’t be suicidal. I don’t think she did it on purpose. Last night, she seemed confused about what she had taken, the last time she had taken it.”

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Roseann Barr sheds new light on Michael Blosil’s motive for suicide

Outspoken comedienne Roseanne Barr has taken to her controversial blog to slam the Mormon faith – insisting Marie Osmond’s son Michael killed himself last Friday, not because he was depressed but because he was “gay”.

Osmond’s adopted 18 year old son Michael Blosil was found dead outside his Los Angeles apartment building last week. Michael left a suicide note reportedly before throwing his life off a balcony after failing to cope with a depression.


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Andrew Koenig’s Body Found in Vancouver

The body of Growing Pains star Andrew Koenig, who had been missing for nearly two weeks, was discovered in a Vancouver’s Stanley Park about noon, Vancouver police said. His body was found in a densely wooded area where it initially was unseen from the path. He had committed suicide. The park was known to be one of the actor’s favorite spots when he lived in the city in the early ’90s. Search and rescue teams had scoured the park Wednesday and found no evidence that Koenig had been there recently. “My son took his own life,” his father, Walter Koenig said “The only other thing I want to say — I’ve already said what a great guy he was, and good human being — he was obviously in a lot of pain.”

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