Improved athletic exercise with Fortizel

Athletes interested in accelerating recovery after great physical stress can improve their blood buffering ability with Fortizel™. In one study female rowers increased their blood buffering ability by 21 percent over nine weeks. In another study of hockey players sprinting performance improved ninety three percent over an eight week period. Another study of twenty cyclists [...]

New German study on macular degeneration published this month on Idebenone was found to prevent cell aging and cell death in the eyes induced by oxidation

Macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the leading causes of blindness in older people. It is brought on by the deterioration of the retinal pigment epithelium accelerated by oxidative stress. The net effect is blind spots. There are two forms of macular degeneration, dry and wet. Wet is caused by the aberrant growth of blood […]

Monica “Danger” Leon goes public about her depression breakdown, hospitalization and her escape

Monica “Danger” Leon from VH1’s reality show For the Love of Ray J recently went public about her breakdown, her postpartum depression, her 5150 psychiatric hold in a Northern California hospital (after an incident involving her newborn daughter) and her subsequent escape from the institution. “People don’t know how serious of an illness postpartum depression […]

Rick Springfield writing tell-all book about his depression

Pop singer Rick Springfield is ramping up to write a tell all book about his colorful l♠ife. He is promising an “extremely candid” memoir detailing his long battle with depression. “Many of the things I have had to face in my life are universal issues like my lifelong battle with depression, my fear of failure, […]

Tom Ford’s Depression

Tom Ford the former Gucci/Yves St. Laurent designer has dealt with depression his whole life. “I have always struggled throughout my life with depression,” Ford, now 48, says. “I’ve never made any of this public because…well…I’m not one to wear any of this on my sleeve. When someone would come into my office in the […]

New Study: oral anti-depression protocols won’t lighten a person’s mood until they brighten his or her personality

A new study suggests that oral anti-depression protocols won’t lighten a person’s mood until they brighten his or her personality—two personality traits that predispose people to depression must be affected first. They are high neuroticism* and low extraversion**, both of which have been linked to depression. As measured on a standard personality questionnaire, high neuroticism […]

Alexa Ray Joel attempts suicide with St. John’s Wort?

A distraught Alexa Ray Joel, the 23 year old daughter of Billy “The Piano Man” Joel, succumbed to depression and swallowed 8 naturopathic pills containing St. John’s Wort and other benign herbs, then, thinking she was dying, freaked out and called 911. “EMS workers received a message from the 911 dispatcher saying: ‘Female caller. Took […]

Alicia Keys Album ‘Written About Her Depression’

Alicia “The Princess of Soul” Keys has revealed just how personal her new album ‘The Element of Freedom’ is. The record was written about her depressed feelings following the death of her grandmother. “With the last album, I was really trying to find myself and I was feeling extremely overworked.” Alicia says. “I was snappy, […]

Justin Duchscherer’s depression

Justin Duchscherer’s (“The Duke Of Hurl”) agent, Damon Lapa, said Tuesday that the free agent right-hander has made excellent progress with his clinical depression. Lapa described Duchscherer as “A happier and healthier person,” and said he’s working hard toward readying himself for the 2010 season. He’s reportedly drawing a good deal of interest around the […]