Water on Mars?

Black veins of mysterious matter flowing sinuously through mountainous Mars? It must be water, right? Yes! Where do I sign up for a Mars One mission? Not so fast, Mars water is not the type that can sustain healthy human life. It is a briny, perchlorate water, too salty to drink and too perchlorate (a component of rocket fuel and fireworks that shuts down our thyroid) can make the average Mars visitor very sick, maybe even dead.

We have much better drinking water options here on earth. We have spring water, mineral water, de-ionized water, reverse osmosis water, raw water, rain water, snow water, and we even have H2 hydrogen water. Hydrogen water? More about that later. We have distilled water—water that that has been returned to steam and re-condensed to remove all impurities. Many people regard distilled water is the purest water on earth. We have filtered water—water purged of chlorine to make it taste better. We have hard water, soft water. It is generally recognized by the research community that hard water is much healthier than soft water. For more information on the potential health benefits of hard, magnesium based, water please feel free to reference this International Journal of Preventive Medicine study. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3775162/

Thanks to modern science, we now have the option of instantly boosting any form of water with hydrogen. When water has been enriched with H2 hydrogen rich water, the body can adjust itself to the next level of detoxification.

Studies have shown that hydrogen exercises its positive effects in three primary methods. 1. It hastily alters toxic oxygen radicals to water (H2 +2! OH”2H2O). 2. It sustains the proper levels of other valuable antioxidants like Super Oxide Dismutase and Glutathione. 3. H2 improves cell signaling, enzyme metabolism and gene expression.

Because exposure to UVA/UVB sun, exercise, pollutants modifies oxygen molecules into single unpaired electrons. This sets up a negative chain reaction of free radicals looking to wrench electrons off of other molecules causing that molecule to become free radicals which causes the new free radical to go looking for an electron and so on and so forth. As our bodies accumulate free radicals over time we erode, much the same way as iron rusts away to dust.

Hydrogen gas is also the tiniest molecule in the universe—roughly 50% smaller than oxygen—which is what allows it to enter deeply into cell mitochondria. This tininess also allows it to easily pass through the blood brain barrier. Hydrogen gas, H2, when bound to an oxygen molecule becomes H2O. This is why it can be dissolved into the water in its gasiform.

Hydrogen enriched water greedily searches out free radical oxygen molecules such as those that create severe lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxidation is when oxygen radicals raid electrons from lipids (fats) leaving cell walls tough and resistant to nutrients and enzymes.

H2 Plex Antioxidant Cellular Hydration

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5.00 out of 5

Molecular hydrogen gas from various equipment currently on the market throw a paucity of actual molecular hydrogen ions hence are not nearly as effective as drinking freshly released hydrogen-rich electrons from distilled water. MH A single tablet releases a 2-4 ppm super-saturated hydrogen solution. This represents a four to eight hundred percent increase over water ionizers.

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The benefits of ingesting Molecular Hydrogen

Numerous studies on humans, mammals and in test tubes have demonstrated that MH wields its benefits in seven fundamental ways. They are;

  • Rapidly transforming toxic oxygen radicals into water and flushing them out of the system.
  • Cell hydration; MH deconstructs the surface tension of water so it can easily penetrate cell walls, bringing in nutrients and flushing out mitochondrial debris.
  • Alkalinizing; PH between 8.5 and 9.5. Cancer cannot thrive in non-acidic conditions.
  • Balancing glutathione and SOD—two or our body’s most powerful and fragile antioxidants. Moreover, it replenishes every other anti-oxidant in the entire anti-oxidant cascade back into an effective antioxidant by neutralizing them.
  • Assists in cell signaling, cell metabolism and gene expression. It’s as if your body is being cross tweeted from head to toe with constant updates of its circumstance.
  • Contains magnesium. A necessary co-factor for good health.
  • An overdose is impossible.

How to use this ground-breaking tablet

One molecular hydrogen tablet should be released in 16 ounces of distilled water in a glass container which can be covered. Tighten the cap and let it sit for ten minutes. Millions of tiny hydrogen molecules will dissolve as they float to the surface. Caution: do not swallow the tablet without water. It won’t hurt you but you will burp a lot—not the best or most comfortable delivery system. When the molecular hydrogen has fully dissolved into the bottle you then have a choice of either drinking it down for immediate energy and focus, or, can sip it throughout the course of the day, covering the bottle between sips.


Though the manufacture of the tablet is proprietary we can share with you the fundamental components: magnesium, malic acid, fumaric acid, and mannitol, which all work synergistically in the reaction and within the body.

  • Magnesium – is an essential mineral. Acts as a cofactor for over three hundred bodily enzymes.
  • Mannitol – Activates the catalase enzyme. Catalase guards cell walls from free-radical oxidation damage.

Malic Acid and Fumaric Acid – Natural molecules we create in our mitochondria. Malic acid helps to improve the function of the mitochondria and has potential sexually stimulating properties. Fumaric acid is a vital component of the citric acid cycle (also known as the Krebs cycle) that cells use to create energy.

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2 reviews

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jenny S.

    I have tried all kinds of anti oxidants, this one is like a miracle pill. Its so easy to just dissolve one in my water bottle as soon as i get to work. I think it has given me more energy and vitality, and it might sound crazy but I think I actually look and feel younger!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Dear Chris and Michael,

    Thanks ever so much. Your kindness is precious, not to forget your generosity towards me, either.

    I feel so much better using the HB2Plex, once again, and am so relieved that it is back in stock. I call it the miracle waters, because I am improved in energy and outlook almost immediately.

    You both are held dear to my heart. Cissy

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