Anna Nicole Diaries Reveal Her Struggle With Depression

Two diaries chronicling Anna Nicole Smith’s battle with depression and weight are coming up for auction. “I’ve been really stressed out lately and depressed and I can’t quit eating. I feel like a pig. Howard has been buying me some jewelry but he call me 15 or 20 times a day it drives me crazy. Regarding her wealthy husband J. Howard Marshall II  she said, “I love him but he aggravates me sometimes.” As Marshall grew ill, Anna wrote: “He’s so very weak and fragile When I touch him I’m afraid he might break. If Jesus decides to take him I don’t no what I’ll do. I love him so much it hurts me to site and watch him when he’s hurting I just want to hold him touch him let him no how much I care.” 

Anna also wrote about her stint as a Guess model and the pressure to be thin. “I’m starving!! I’ve been starving myself,” she confessed. The Playboy Playmate also revealed she took the over-the-counter weight-loss pill Zantrex in an entry dated June 13, 1992.