Beyonce Knowles’ Depression Confession

The singer known as Beyonce, lead of the pop triad Destiny’s Child and the “star” of the highly touted Dreamgirls movie about a diva who eclipses her co-signers, driving them into depression and early death, ironically found herself depressed when her real life bandmates, Letoya Luckett and Lativia Roberson, left her real life group. The incident, commonly known as situational depression, was also compounded by being dumped by her long time boyfriend, sent her to her bedroom where she refused to eat. That was the bad news. The good news is that Beyonce had to loose 20 pounds for her starring role in Dreamgirls.  

Is it life imitating art, or visa versa? There are too many ironies here to say for sure. The basic plot of Dreamgirls has been taken from the history of The Supremes, the most successful Detroit girl-group during the 1960s. Dreamgirls is about a diva who rises above her co-singers, one of which Effie White, (a doppelgänger for Florence Ballard, original lead singer of the Supremes) finds success as a solo performer. In real life though, Florence Ballard’s solo career failed, sinking her into poverty, depression, and alcoholism. She died of cardiac arrest at the age of thirty-two in 1976, just after her career had been revived. However, the incident left Beyonce questioning who she was and who her friends were. She got through it though with the help of her mother. ‘Why do you think a person wouldn’t love you?’ the singer reported her mother as saying. ‘Don’t you know how smart and sweet and beautiful you are?’