Consumable diatomic hydrogen water and inflammatory disease

Inflammation is very closely associated with oxidative stress. Heretofore, the prescribed drugs that neutralize the swelling and tenderness of inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease can sometimes carry a side effect profile. Most conventional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are linked with a variety of toxic effects, especially gastrointestinal issues. For this reason the research community has been extensively studying non-drug H2 hydrogen therapy as a solution. What they discovered was that H2 significantly reduced interleukin IL-6 and tumor necrosis factors (TNF). To be sure, treatments that neutralize TNF are very useful in reducing the discomfort of inflammatory diseases. TNF are the proteins capable of inducing the death of tumor cells that possess a wide range of pro-inflammatory actions.

H2 has also reduced other inflammatory molecules that include inter-cellular adhesion molecule IL-12 and interferon. Hydrogen also attenuated the mitogen activated proteins associated with heat shock, osmotic stress pathways.

Animal studies demonstrated H2 hydrogen regulation of hepatitis, colitis, jaundice, and sepsis, pancreatitis, as well as the down regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Not only does hydrogen H2 therapy not carry the negative side effect profile of over the counter and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs but is promotes an environment for healthier gut flora. It has a purging effect that induces enhanced gut activity. For more information on this please read my blog on hydrogen and metabolism