Cruise Apologizes To Shields Over Post-Partum Depression Rant

(AHN) – From bizarre to congenial, Tom Cruise takes a step back from his accusatory and inflammatory statements regarding Brooke Shields use of anti-depressant drugs and apologized to the actress. Shields told Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, “He came over to my house and gave me a heartfelt apology.”

Cruise publicly accused Shields of failing to understand psychiatry in 2005 after she disclosed taking medication to treat post-partum depression. A spokesman for Cruise said, in a BBC report, “he has not changed his position about anti-depressants,” and he still deems them “unhealthy.” Of the apology, Shields adds, “I was so impressed with how heartfelt he was…I did not feel that he was trying to convince me of anything other than the fact that he was deeply sorry. And I accepted it.”