Depressed Ricky Hatton announces retirement from the ring

British boxer Ricky “The Hit man” Hatton announced his retirement Thursday, ending his career a mere two years after his devastating 2nd-round knockout loss to Filipino champion Manny Pacquiao. The 2-time IBF and IBO junior welterweight champion said his losses to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao pushed him into depression and alcoholism. “What could I do? Depression is a very serious thing. I was cross after the Mayweather fight and the Pacquiao fight the way that came about, a crushing defeat, knocked down in just 2 rounds. I was just so depressed. Alcohol when you’re depressed is a bad combination,” he told Micky Cantwell.

Hatton blamed over training for his loss to Pacquiao, saying that he had been pushing himself after his loss to Mayweather. He said he was still sparring well with his trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., weeks before the May 2, 2009 match with Manny. “You over train yourself but it’s the truth. He trained me into the ground when I got in. I was a shell of my former self,” he said. Hatton became inactive after his loss to Pacquiao and was later diagnosed as having a problem with alcoholism. “I was having blackouts and not even when I was drinking. I was losing days when I had no clue where I was,” he said.

Hatton suffered a further blow to his reputation last year when his license to fight was usurped. Depressed and inebriated video footage surfaced of Ricky snorting “industrial quantities” of cocaine while consuming alcohol during a marathon 10-hour drinking session. The now defunct News of the World secretly filmed him blowing the mountain of coke. Ricky. They BBB of C called a hearing. “The board found Ricky Hatton guilty of misconduct After an investigation he was condemned by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBB of C) for “bringing the sport into disrepute”.  in that his actions and behavior were detrimental to the interests of boxing and to the public. “Ricky Hatton is not an active boxer and his current physical condition is such that the Board decided to withdraw his boxer’s license.”

Hatton was also fined 20,000 pounds and UK boxing’s governing body also revoked his manager and second’s licenses but allowed him to remain a promoter. “Ricky Hatton’s manager’s and second’s licenses allow him to have close, day-to-day contact with participants in the sport and the board has taken the view that his conduct and present circumstances make such contact wholly inappropriate,” the BBB of C statement added. “Consequently, the board has decided to withdraw.

He eventually committed himself to a rehabilitation facility. Hatton said he will now focus on his promotional company, Hatton Promotions, which has been promoting fight cards for about two years. He was recently named European promoter of the Year. He left professional boxing with a career record of 45 wins (32 by knockout) and 2 losses.