Depressed Smokers more likely to Quit then Non-Depressed Smokers

Washington: A new study reviewed in the Cochrane Library finds that depressed smokers are more likely to successfully quit than their non-depressed counterparts. Moreover, they stop smoking longer and benefit overall from mood management interventions after they quit smoking. The lead researcher Regina van der Meer, at the Dutch Expert Centre on Tobacco Control studied 49 randomized controlled trials, including 33 trials that focused on smoking cessation. The way we look at it, it is all about anticipation. By not smoking and exercising discipline smokers are able to release more dopamine than if they were to smoke. Dopamine is the anticipation neurotransmitter. Nicotine triggers dopamine release. This is why cigarettes are so addictive. Cocaine also triggers dopamine release. Gambling releases dopamine release. Now you can raise your dopamine naturally and quit smoking with ,NeuroPlex: a dopamine, oxytocin, brain endorphin sublingual formulation.