Depression way more badass than ‘nervous exhaustion,’ Juliana Hatfield says

Juliana Hatfield sets the record straight on her clinical depression that plagued her during her mid-90s heyday in “When I Grow Up,” a memoir out this September. She recalls that her publicist was quick to cover up her depression by calling it “nervous exhaustion” when she cancelled her European tour.  “I wonder why my publicist hadn’t simply told everyone the plain truth … instead of issuing such a vague, all-purpose ‘nervous exhaustion’ line, which … as far as I know isn’t even a real diagnosis.”

Hatfield says that her depression was “so unbearable that I was going to jump out a window to get away from it … I needed to check myself into some kind of psychiatric facility.  

“Why couldn’t they have called it what it was? … ‘Severe depression’ sounds so much more badass than ‘nervous exhaustion.’”