E-cigarettes are promoted as a harmless substitute to customary cigarettes, We Disagree

E-cigarettes are promoted as a harmless substitute to customary cigarettes as well as a means to manage nicotine cravings for those trying to quit. We disagree and here are three reasons why. Safety An analysis of e-cigarette “Juice” samples by the FDA discovered certain carcinogen agents as well as other toxic chemicals like diethylene glycol, a common ingredient of antifreeze. Unconvincing evidence they help people break free of the habit In fact, there is some data suggesting a contrasting effect. One recent study conducted at UC California, San Francisco, discovered that e-cig smokers are a thirty three percent less likely to quit nicotine vaping than those who don’t vape. Moreover, many e-cigarette vapers erroneously believe that nicotine mitigates their anxiety, and depression. Absolutely false says Dr. Michael Knapton MD. Vaping nicotine actually increases tension and anxiety. Any perception of tranquility is short-lived and rapidly replaced by withdrawal symptoms and new cravings. What’s proven to work still works Research data shows the most effective way to work through nicotine addiction is to mitigate its craving through homeopathic micronized nicotine substitutes that trigger the same feel-good neurotransmitters while using an on-line, self-paced program like HealthMedia® Breathe. Try Something that Works Eclipse™ & Our whole line of Totality™ Vape products are not just about smoking cessation. By orally drawing a micronized blend of homeopathic feel-good transmitters including Sceletium Tortuosum it immediately eases anxiety and depression as well as nicotine cravings.