Eagles Guard Shawn Andrews Battling Depression?

It’s a tough sport to play and Philly is a tough town in which to play it. But Eagles guard Shawn Andrews, who has two Pro Bowls under his belt, has bigger problems on his plate than the mere pressure of playing in a city whose sports crowd is notoriously self-loathing. He failed to show at training camp recently and, according to the Daily News, Andrews is struggling with depression . We tend to be pretty hard on our athletes, especially when it comes to football (Phillyist has only mentioned him once, and it wasn’t kind). But if you’re an Eagles fan, consider being patient. Despite being charged $15,000 a day for his unexcused absence from training camp, Andrews is scheduled to see a doctor tomorrow and is confident that he’ll regain his mental footing. Meanwhile, if the Eagles decide to give his money back in lieu of his evaluation (an unlikely but possible scenario), he plans to donate the sum – well over six figures – to a mental health charity. Maybe this city isn’t so crazy after all.