Emma Thompson’s Depression Helped Movie Role

British actress Emma Thompson found it easy relating to her character’s depression in new movie STRANGER THAN FICTION  because she’s “been there herself”. The Oscar-winning star, who plays troubled writer Kay Eiffel in the film, believes her experience of extreme unhappiness in real-life boosted the role. She says, “We’ve all done that – I’ve certainly been there, in various depressions, when you never was, and wear the same things all the time. “It’s the sort of depression that doesn’t necessarily make you want to kill yourself – you just don’t want to be, you want to switch it all off and stop.”That’s not the same as saying, ‘I’m going to kill myself.’ But it’s a feeling I do well.”

Some career & biographical notes:

  • At Cambridge, Emma was a member of the renown Footlights comedy troupe, which has also included Hugh Laurie, Rachel Weisz and several members of Monty Python
  • Emma appeared in four films with former husband Kenneth Branagh
  • She is the only person to have won an Oscar for both acting and writing
  • Emma challenges Colin Firth weekly to arm-wrestling; lifetime record now 256-25