Ex- Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona talks about beating depression

Sparked by her split from ex-husband Brian McFadden.Kerry Katona has been talking about her depression and stints in various clinics over the past two years. “It started when me and Brian split up. When I couldn’t stop crying I went into the Priory with a nervous breakdown. That’s when I realized I had depression.”

Kerry has checked herself into several clinics including one in the US last summer. “I’ve never felt so ashamed or embarrassed that I had to ask for help but it’s the best thing I could have done. I wasn’t well, I was miserable and it was the only thing to do for my little girls. “Molly and Lilly had no idea, I try to keep what I can away from them. Before I realized I had depression I used to say to people, ‘You’ll be fine – get over it”, but that’s like saying to a cancer victim, ‘Get well’. I often think, why me? But I’m really still dead lucky. It’s not a disaster. I’m not dead. I’m alive and I’ve two little beautiful girls at home. Don’t get me wrong – it does get me down and I’m still on anti-depressants. But I don’t feel sorry for myself. I have my off days, but who doesn’t?” As part of her treatment, she has to re-live her childhood memories. “I have poured them out,” she explained. “They’ve made it clear they need to find out everything about my past.”

Kerry has been diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder.

Born 6th September 1980 in Warrington, Kerry is a British television presenter and former pop singer with girl band Atomic Kitten. Before her pop career, she worked as a topless model, a career choice for which she was well-qualified, being the possessor of a then D-cup bosom. Her bustline has since increased to approximately an F-cup. Having enjoyed only limited success with the band, she left the Atomic Kittens in 2001 when she became pregnant. She then moved on to television, appearing on and presenting a mix of light entertainment programs such as Britain’s sexiest…, Loose Women and Elimidate. In January 2002 she married Westlife star Brian McFadden and changed her name to Kerry McFadden. They had two daughters, Molly and Lilly-Sue. Since splitting with her husband, her life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride involving drinking problems and some very public bad behavior like the time she was arrested after attacking her foster sister, Jannette Burgess at the Panama Jack’s club in Warrington.