Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has ‘manic depression’

Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz suffers from manic depression. The bassist-and-songwriter, who is dating Ashlee Simpson, has revealed his bipolar disorder stems from his obsessive nature. “I have manic depression. I obsess over everything. When I am depressed, I can’t get out of bed. But right now, it’s sunny and 65 in my head, so it’s OK!”

The 28-year-old musician has been on medication for his depression and anxiety problems since he was 18. He explained: “I am on anti-anxiety medicine. The technical term is Lorazepam. I am supposed to be on antidepressants but I think it’s part of my neuroses that I don’t take them.” Pete revealed the trauma of his parents splitting up on his sixth birthday left him emotionally scarred and unable to express his feelings. He said: “I turned my emotions off like a faucet. I didn’t cry until I was, like, 22.” 
Pete’s parents got back together just six months later.