Has deep depression left Danish film director Lars von Trier unable to work?

A deep depression has left Danish film director Lars von Trier unable to work and is threatening his career, he told the Danish newspaper Politiken on Saturday. “It’s very strange for me, because I’ve always had at least three projects in my head at one time,” he was quoted as saying. “But right now I am completely blank.” Von Trier helped found the Dogme movement, a set of rules that required a filmmaker to shoot only on location with hand-held cameras, using natural light and sound.

Known for films such as “Dogville”, which starred Nicole Kidman, he won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000 for Dancer in the Dark” with Icelandic singer Bjork. His most recent work was last year’s comedy “The Boss of it All.” The paper said von Trier checked himself into a Copenhagen hospital around Christmas to treat his depression. It quoted him as saying he was unsure whether he could complete his next project, the horror film “Antichrist”, which was scheduled to being production later this year. “I assume that ‘Antichrist’ will be my next film. But right now I don’t know,” von Trier told the paper. “After my downspin, I feel like a blank sheet of paper.”