Helpful Apps

Positive thinking

In order to be happy you need to be positive and in order to be positive you need to be happy. This positive thinking app can support you in that process. Because, sometimes it is a process. This attractive interface is festooned with positivity reminders to help you affect your outlook. You can also fold in your own positive phrases and quotes. And you can share the good vibes by uploading your favorite quotations to social media, email, or text messages. And, you can also customize the background image with a variety of positive images to synergize your positive energy. A great adjunct to Neuroplex, Sceletium tortuosum, SAMe or St. John’s Wort protocol. learn more


Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Depressed? Anxious? Happiness is not unattainable. The Depression CBT Self-Help Guide can support you with feelings of sadness. It offers ways to help you transform stress into positive thinking by identifying stress patterns. A great compliment to Sceletium Tortuosum or St. John’s wort. It also contains audio sounds to listen to when you need a break from everyday stress. learn more