Hydrogen H2 Oral Supplementation: testicular cancer defense and sperm count

Oral hydrogen H2 consumed in water is a groundbreaking antioxidant capable of enhancing many physical conditions. Instantly absorbed via the gut, hydrogen serves and protects by decreasing the hydroxyl radical while not reacting to other oxygen classes including, but not exclusive to, hydrogen (H2O2) peroxide and Nitric (NO)3 Oxide. This is important because both nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide are secondary messengers in cell growth. Many people—engineers in particular—are familiar with hydrogen because of the work being conducted on hydrogen powered cars.

Green automobiles aside, there are over 400 scientific publications including 30 human studies (140 different human disease models) that have demonstrated molecular hydrogen to be a powerfully therapeutic agent.

There is a raft of studies available for review in respected Journals like Nature and Science. The studies were performed at Nagoya University in Japan, Loma Linda University in California, the Forsyth Institute in Boston, the University of Pittsburg Medical Center in Pennsylvania, as well as several other esteemed institutes of research including NASA where it was established that hydrogen water is able to protect astronauts from radiation during space travel.

Though not all, many of the studies are human based. An early study on testicular cancer and hydrogen H2 therapy was performed on mice. That study found that oral hydrogen increased sperm count, motility and testosterone level while reducing oxidation in the testis. Click here to read the study. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24221909