Hygieia Skin Care's Crepe Repair Cream Review

Hygieia Skin Care's Crepe Repair Cream Review

Crepey skin becomes a real problem as we age. This is because as we age our skin's mitochondria begin to slow down and not provide as much energy to our skin cells.

A large part of this is due to environmental damage, sun damage being first and foremost. The Sun's UV rays are hitting our skin even when we are inside. It bounces in through the windows and reflects of surfaces and effects our skin greatly.

There are many more factors as well that can cause dry, loose and crepey skin - the bottom line is that to fix it we need to treat the skin cells direclty.

The only way to treat your skin's Mitochondria is with a Liposomal Skin Cream

We did some research and we found an amazing brand called Hygieia Skin Care who makes a Liposomal Crepe Repair Cream.

Think about it - mother nature designed our skin as a barrier from the environment and its toxins. Therefore regular topical creams are not able to penetrate the surface of our skin.

In order to do this we need Liposomes

Liposomes are tiny bubbles made of the same material as our cell membranes. This allows them to pass through the skins barrier due to their low molecular weight.

What Hygieia's Crepe Repair Cream does is encapsulates the active ingredients into these Liposomes in order to treat the skin's cells directly. Topical creams can NOT do this.

That's what makes this skin cream from Hygieia so darn amazing.

The Cream Contains the following key ingredients:

Idebeone - well known as the most powerful antioxidant on planet earth. This helps scavenge free radicals which are the root cause of signs of aging.

Retinol - well known for its SKIN FIRMING effect. 

Hyaluronic Acid - this ingredient holds 1,000 times its weight in water, add that into a Liposome and you are hydrating your skin cells from the inside out. What could be more effective for Crepey Skin!

Amino Acids - these are the building blocks of new cell growth, super critical for help your skin not only heal but regenerate.

The Verdict:

Hygieia Skin's Crepe Repair Cream is the most powerful and effective way to treat crepey skin, and the science supports it. They have loads of amazing reviews and success stories. 

Its great for treating Crepey Skin but also for skin firming, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and overall anti aging benefits.

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