Improved athletic exercise with Fortizel

Athletes interested in accelerating recovery after great physical stress can improve their blood buffering ability with Fortizel™. In one study female rowers increased their blood buffering ability by 21 percent over nine weeks. In another study of hockey players sprinting performance improved ninety three percent over an eight week period. Another study of twenty cyclists experienced an overall two point two percent increase in performance—the difference between wearing a blue or a red ribbon.

Saliva and the battle against infection

Our first line of defense in the battle against infection is saliva. The powerful antibacterial agents in our saliva are called Salivary Iga. Endurance athletes experience lower levels of immunoglobulin in their saliva. Lower Salivary Iga leaves them open and prone to infections of the upper respiratory tract. Endurance training demands that the body devote tremendous reserves to repairing damaged muscles from prolonged training. Moreover, pathogens can easily make their way through diminished Salivary Iga to the lungs. One study found that 1 in 7 runners manifest upper respiratory infections after participating in a marathon. Gut issues are also an issue with marathon runners. Between the up and down motion and the blood flow diverting to the legs, as well as dehydration causing diarrhea, irritable bowel is a problem that is supported by Fortizel’s gut enhancing properties.

One study of distance runners, taking Augmentsodine™, found that their levels of Salivary Iga increased by 79%. Dr Buckley the sports physiologist, Dr Iain Chalmers the cyclist and GP in Grimsby found similar results not reserved solely to endurance athletes. Matt Lovell, Elite Sports Nutritionist and advisor to Olympic teams found that “Augmentsodine™ provided valuable immune and gut support during periods of intense training. “I use Fortizel™ on both athletes and everyday people to optimize IgF-1”.
Greater recovery from effort

There are reams of double-blind studies ranging from the Finnish Olympic Ski Team to international triathletes who were able to shorten their recovery time with IGF1 supplementation. By the way, recovery time is measured by the level of blood creatine-kinase*. Compared to the placebo group, the athletes who consumed super concentrated IGF1 (Augmentsodine™) measured one half of the blood creatine-kinase levels four days after the heavy exercise. “I felt very little muscle soreness or aching in the days following training. I would normally have expected some soreness in the first few days of returning to any training, particularly when starting each new discipline again, but overall I experienced noticeably very little pain.” “During the period of using colostrum I put on some weight. This in itself may seem unsurprising, but I have always been one of those people who remains at the same weight, regardless of diet, or fitness regime and even on previous occasions (such as prior to endurance events) have tried hard to put on weight and failed!” Toby Jefferson, extreme triathlete.

*Creatine kinase is a common marker for muscle damage.

Greater lean muscle mass

Muscle makes athletes—and non-athletes—quicker, tougher and generally superior to the competition. The protein found in Fortizel™ can increase muscle mass by 20% or more. Why? Because it supports the release of growth hormone and like steroids meaning it sends growth signals to your muscles. But unlike high exogenous courses of steroids (shot by needle into the gut) Fortizel™ does not upset the natural balance of your hormones. Dr Louise Burke, the head of nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, describes colostrum as “a hottest supplement in the athletics world at the moment.”

Fortizel™ contains natural immuno-modulatory antibodies that act as anti-inflammatory agents. For this reason it is an excellent supplement for individuals with arthritic joints. Its ability to repair cartilage (especially synergized with MSM) help rebuild your muscle, bone and cartilage