Larry King’s Wife OD’s on Depression Medication, Rushed to Hospital

On Friday, May 28, 2010, Shawn Southwick suffered from a drug overdose, was found lying unconscious in her Utah home and was promptly rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment. The 50-year-old woman is CNN talk show host Larry King’s seventh wife and she reportedly overdosed on depression medication. Her father Karl Engemann, spoke with a 911 dispatcher after he discovered his daughter unconscious in her home.

According to The New York Daily News, he calmly informed the 911 employee, “I can’t wake her up, she may have overmedicated. She’s unconscious. I slap her and I holler at her and she opens her eyes halfway and puts them back down again.”

When the emergency dispatcher asked the 76-year-old Engemann whether or not he believed his daughter tried to kill herself by intentionally overdosing on depression medication, he responded by saying, “No, no, no. It wouldn’t be suicidal. I don’t think she did it on purpose. Last night, she seemed confused about what she had taken, the last time she had taken it.”

Southwick and her husband have been in a tumultuous relationship recently as evidenced by the fact that the longtime talk show host filed for divorce two months ago. She filed for divorce herself hours after King cited irreconcilable differences for their pending separation. However, they reportedly reconciled their differences, largely due to their two children.

According to TMZ Shawn’s depression commenced over five years ago and was triggered by Larry’s alleged affair with her sister Shannon Engemann. TMZ reported that Shawn had a showdown with Larry several years ago and as a peace offering Larry transferred title to all three of their homes. According to one source Shannon fought like crazy to remain sane, just to take care of her kids, reconciling with Larry and putting her divorce proceedings on ice, though remaining deeply depressed. Shannon has denied having an affair with Larry.

Those close to Larry King are stating that he is obviously completely distraught over the situation and that he loves his wife. Larry King has been quoted saying “I am extremely supportive of Shawn, Reports that we have fought are absolutely false. I love her dearly. Our marriage is still together and I am staying very close to our children, who we love immensely. We shall go through this difficult time intact as a family.”