Lily Allen pulls out of Isle of Wight festival, is being treated for depression

Lily Allen has been receiving treatment for depression in a private residential clinic. She is receiving treatment following her recent miscarriage and split from boyfriend . Despite being admitted to the clinic, Allen is apparently allowed out to film her BBC TV show, ‘Lily Allen And Friends’, and to see friends. The Smile (Click on video) singer, 22, endured a tearful start to the year when she learned she had lost her baby, just weeks after announcing her pregnancy. There was further heartbreak when she split from the baby’s father, Ed Simons, half of dance duo Chemical Brothers. “She was so happy to be pregnant and was willing to give up her showbiz life to settle down and have a family. Her miscarriage was a huge blow and she hasn’t really recovered. She has tried to put on a brave face but she found she needed to get some professional help,” said a friend. “She is responding well to treatment and is pleased that she is being allowed out to film her TV show and to keep in touch with the friends supporting her.” 

Isle Of Wight festival organizer John Giddings said Lily would not be attending the festival. “It’s true, they [her representatives] have said she’s not coming. They said she hasn’t delivered her record, and I said I haven’t booked a record, I’ve booked an artist. “I think the poor girl has got a few problems. It’s a good job she (Allen) pulled out now and not the day before. I wish her the best I hope she sorts herself out.” 
The Isle Of Wight Festival takes place between June 13 and 15. 

Lily, who claims she wants nothing more to do with partying and vows to change her life recently, launched a scathing attack on the British paparazzi after a photographer allegedly smashed her car window. The 22-year-old returned to her new BMW after a night of partying at London’s Groucho Club on Monday to find one of the vehicle’s windows was broken. And Allen is adamant the damage was the work of a paparazzo – and is “angered and horrified” by the incident. Writing on her MySpace page, she says: “If you see photos in the press or online of my car window being ‘smashed by vandals’, I just want you to know that it was one of the many paparazzi who were following us who did it.