Marianne Faithfull beats depression

At 62, rock’s smoky-throated Grande dame Marianne Faithfull recently faced one of her most difficult opponents: clinical depression. We say one of, because it was not her first brush with a body and soul threatening malaise. She has previously been confronted with Hepatitis C and breast cancer and conquered both. For Marianne, depression was a whole other story. “Depression is real, you don’t want to get out of bed, you don’t want to do anything, and everything just looks pointless.” Marianne defeated her depression by going into therapy, and doing acupuncture, massage, exercise and yoga. “I also really needed to work. ‘Easy Come’ helped to get me here. I recorded in nine days, with no rough-mix playbacks. I just had to trust and have faith — in myself, and in the band and the singers. And, it worked!” Her only regret these days? Marianne wishes she could quit smoking. “I’ve tried to, and I’ve cut down a lot. But I haven’t managed to stop yet. And I ought to, I know. It’s the last destructive thing I still do!”

Marianne was recently presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in World Arts at the Women’s World Awards ceremony in Vienna. It was quite an affair. Jordan’s Queen Noor handed her the trophy; “That night I looked back and realized it’s been such a journey.”