Mel Gibson Seeks Redemption From Depression

Between Jodie Foster, Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin, there’s more than a few reasons to keep an eye out on “The Beaver.” But there’s perhaps no bigger reason to tune in than its leading man, Mel Gibson.

In what can be seen as an eerie instance of art imitating life, Gibson stars in the Foster-directed drama as Walter Black, the CEO of a toy company who embarks on a downward spiral of depression, completely isolating himself from the people he loves in the process. But possible redemption presents itself in an unusual form: Walter comes into contact with a beaver hand-puppet that he uses to communicate on his behalf, a decision that could either widen the distance between himself and his family or bring all of them closer together.

It’s no secret that Gibson has been making headlines for the wrong reasons in recent weeks, months and years, but could “The Beaver” turn the tides for the troubled actor? Hard to say without seeing footage from the film, but thankfully, we’ve got three new clips from the movie that give you a great idea of what “The Beaver” has in store for you. Let us know what you think of the footage in the comments section and on Twitter!