National Depression Screening Day

Depression isn’t simple. When we are truly depressed our friends usually can’t reach us—because we don’t want friends around. And the phone, texts, and door goes unanswered. Basically, such people are becoming their own worst enemy and are more attracted to self-persecution rather than comfort. Finding your way out of the unique prison of your own depression must begin with accepting and valuing yourself.

We know this is much more easily said than done which is why we offer so many alternatives to support your way out of the bell jar (Sylvia Plath described her depression as being trapped under a bell jar) or that dark alleyway that seems to stretch into infinity, but here is a fundamental idea for a way out.

Accept and value yourself. Accepting yourself means no longer having to live in the past, feeling guilty about your wickedness, or in the future, fearing what is to come. Instead, you can live in the present and be, if not happy, than not unhappy, in the here and now. Treat yourself as your own best friend. Never think of yourself as not good enough. Never say anything against yourself that can potentially bring you down. As you become your own best friend by doing for yourself what you always wanted in a best friend, the universe will start to answer you in like and kind.