Norman Aniston (Jen’s dog) treated for depression

Jennifer Aniston’s fifteen year old dog Norman has reportedly been diagnosed with depression. Jen took him to a specialist canine therapist after the dog disappeared for a night and started acting unusually upon his return.

A friend said, “Jen became seriously worried about Norman’s mental health after his disappearance. He came back dazed and lackluster and often didn’t seem to recognize her. She’s concerned this could be it for him and she’s devastated.”

“The dog therapist said Norman was depressed and that’s what was causing him to act oddly.” He then prescribed Norman with medication, but Aniston is intent on nursing him back to full health on her own. The source added: “She’s hoping to coax him out of it herself. People may laugh at her, but Norman really is her best friend. She can’t bear to see him like this, but he’s very old and she’s starting to accept he might be on his last legs.”

Ever the great Mom (Master?) Jen has reportedly spent $250 on massage, acupuncture and Reiki sessions for Norman.