Olivia Newton-John’s battle with depression

AUSSIE singer Olivia Newton-John has revealed she has turned to anti-depressants to cope with the loss of boyfriend Patrick McDermott. But she said she didn’t believe McDermott, who disappeared on an overnight fishing trip off the coast of California in July last year, faked his death. In an interview with People magazine, Newton-John said the loss of McDermott was tougher than her battle with breast cancer and her divorce from actor Matt Lattanzi. “I’ve been through cancer and divorce, but nothing compares to this,” she said. “I took anti-depressants – I had to.”

This year The Sunday Mail reported McDermott had been seen by up to six witnesses in Mexico in the months after he went missing. When he disappeared, the former lighting technician had been living in a modest home, was thousands of dollars in debt and facing jail over unpaid child support payments. But Newton-John said McDermott loved his son Chance, 14, too much to pretend he had died. “He just wouldn’t do that – his son was everything to him,” she said.

Newton-John has also revealed she’d broken up with her boyfriend of nine years before he disappeared. “We were on a break but we had been on breaks before and we got back together,” she said. “We had a wonderful relationship – he had a good soul, a good heart.”

To preserve her memories of him, Newton-John has made a rock garden in her Malibu home and is “moving forward in a positive way”.