Owen Wilson tries ancient Red Indian cleansing ceremony for his depression

Washington, Oct 13 : It seems that the troubled movie star Owen Wilson has taken solace in ancient Native American remedies in order to get rid of the depression that led to his suicide attempt. The ‘Wedding Crashers’ star was escorted by his brothers Andrew and Luke on the trip to Arizona where they saw the new glass walkway, which allowed the tourists to look directly into the Grand Canyon. A bystander told the National Enquirer that it was on the walkway that a Hualapai medicine man performed a cleansing ceremony for the actor, waving sage over his head while dancing and chanting. “They stayed on the platform for about 30 minutes – with the medicine man chanting and dancing the entire time. Afterward, Owen seemed happy, and he was chatting with tourists,” Contactmusic quoted the bystander, as telling. The actor landed in hospital after slashing his wrists after a reported booze and drug binge at the end of August, but is now recovering.