Pat Cash, former Wimbledon champ, coping with former suicidal tendencies

Pat Cash has found a new love, and declared himself as coping with former suicidal tendencies despite an ongoing divorce and a brush with cancer. Cash, the 1987 Wimbledon champion, had previously gone public with his suicidal battle with depression and drug use, but says he is overcoming those problems. “There are times I’ve been very close to committing suicide,” Cash said in the Daily Mail. “Only the fact that I have children has stopped me. Looking back I can see that underlying depression was there, even during my teens. “Now I’m much better at dealing with life’s highs and lows. “I’ve always been good at bouncing back but none of us are indestructible. “Last year I had a lucky escape with skin cancer. “What I thought was a mole on my right leg turned out to be a malignant melanoma. “As it turned out, I got my treatment just in time.”

Cash, 40, is divorcing his wife Emily, a Brazilian-American socialite he married in 1990 and with whom he has twin sons, Shannon and Jett. He also has two children with his former partner Anne-Britt Kristiansen. Now he has a new love interest but is not about to embrace monogamy. “Emily and I had a great friendship and great love,” Cash said. “Things are a little more strained at the moment because we’re going through a divorce, but we love our children. “I’m always in love with somebody. “Right now, that somebody is a woman in Hong Kong. “We’ve been seeing each other for three years, but it is not a full-time relationship. “I don’t like the restrictions of being monogamous. “Now that my marriage is over, I’m not looking to settle down again. “I’m living my life in reverse. My career is done, I’ve had my kids, and I am still only 40. Most people my age are only just peaking, but I’m glad it’s happened this way for me.”