Rick Springfield writing tell-all book about his depression

Pop singer Rick Springfield is ramping up to write a tell all book about his colorful life. He is promising an “extremely candid” memoir detailing his long battle with depression. “Many of the things I have had to face in my life are universal issues like my lifelong battle with depression, my fear of failure, my self doubt and my journey to overcome them.”

“There have been ups and downs in my life, and reaching the milestone of my 60th birthday made me want to tell my story finally and honestly. I seized the opportunity to tell my story in my own words, so those who may be going through similar things in their lives, can take my experiences, grow from them and hopefully have a good laugh along the way.”

Born in Australian, Rick racked up 14 Top 40 hits in the ’80s, including the No. 1 “Jessie’s Girl”, and has had acting roles on “General Hospital.”  He currently appears in on a show called “Californication” with David Duchovny. Ever the showman Rick stripped for a nude scene on the show.  “I certainly had no objection to taking my clothes off, I knew I wasn’t gonna be the only naked person.”

Let’s see just how emotionally naked Rick gets in his book Late, Late at Night due out next October.