Russian Olympic champion Yury Borzakovsky suffering from depression

Russian Olympic champion Yury Borzakovsky, whose stunning 800-meter gold medal win at the 2004 Athens games made him a national hero, is suffering from depression after his car hit and killed a pedestrian outside Moscow, Russian newspaper Trud reported this weekend. The pedestrian died in early October after being hit by Borzakovsky’s car on a dark road in the Moscow region, Russian media reported. Borzakovsky suffered a hand injury in the crash. “It’s difficult to say anything about his sporting future. His hand has not yet healed and psychologically he is very depressed,” Borzakovsky’s trainer Vyacheslav Yevstratov told Trud’s weekend edition.He said it was not clear whether Borzakovsky would take part in a planned training trip in November.

Borzakovsky will not face charges in connection with the accident as the pedestrian who died was found to be seriously drunk, Trud reported, citing an unnamed police official. “The question of criminal responsibility of the driver was not even raised,” Yevstratov said. Borzakovsky’s mother-in-law Vera Andreyevna said he had not said anything about his plans, Trud reported. “He has disappeared into himself. He is not talking very much at all, even with those close to him,” she said. Borzakovsky captivated the Russian public with a stunning victory in the final of the 800 meter at the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, when he came from behind with a brilliant sprint finish to grab the country’s first-ever gold medal in the event.