Stalin, Leeches and depression

Joseph Stalin, the tyrannical totalitarian leader of the Soviet Union from 1927 to 1953, creator of one of the most brutal reigns in history, used leeches to treat his headaches and depression. He says he felt good after each such treatment. Guessing from the complete fear that is subordinates felt in his presence, the leech therapy didn’t work. Even his wife, Nadya who challenged many of his deadly policies, committed suicide on November 9, 1932 after he berated her harshly at a dinner party. Food and death continued to be a concomitant issue for Stalin as he managed to execute and/or starve approximately 20 to 60 million of his own people via widespread famine and massive political purges.

In the United States, the use of leeches is rare, and although they are an FDA-approved medical device (as are maggots) there do not seem to be any documented cases of depression resolution by attaching the little bloodsuckers to your head. That said, leaches are considered invaluable among some plastic and orthopedic surgeons, and are occasionally used to maintain circulation after the reattachment of fingers, hands and scalps. We here at HBC Prefer other modes of therapy for depression. St. John’s wort could be an auspicious start. As would NeuroPlex, SAMe, HGH Patches are often a good way to bolster the endocrine system and trigger more feel-good neurotransmitters. Feel free to click on the image below for more depression options.