Susan Boyle shares secrets of childhood beatings and depression

Susan Boyle, arguably the world’s favorite new chanteuse, has been sharing some old secrets about her secret battle with depression. The ‘I Dreamed a Dream” and now “Cry Me A River” singer recently admitted that she’s prone to mood swings and fits of anger, saying her condition has its roots in her childhood when she was bullied and beaten “every day” as a schoolchild.

Susan believes that people like her (Susan suffers from learning difficulties after being deprived of oxygen at birth) are often “left behind” by the education system in Scotland. “I can be up and down like a yo-yo. I can be depressed. I know I’m taking a big chance telling people this but you have to be honest. I used to be made a fool of at school. It was psychological bullying and that leaves a scar and it also cultivates a lot of anger. When people are a little bit slow others pick at them. My life was made absolute hell.” Susan also admits to never having gotten over the 2007 death of mum Bridget. “In some ways I had a conflict with my mother. Everyone argues. It makes me cry and I’m trying not to now. She’s not alive to see how proud I could have made her.”

Now 48, Susan can afford to do her crying on the best therapists couches in the world as she has become a newly minted millionairesse. Her debut album “I Dreamed A Dream” has sold three million copies in under three weeks. Susan says that performing onstage is the only place she feels comfortable, and can engage with an audience. “I feel I have got a communication with the audience. I’m told I’m a different person on stage.”