A Forgotten Remedy Rediscovered St. Johns Wort has a long history of being used for treating a wide variety of ailments What Is St. Johns Wort? St. John’s Wort, also known Hypericum perforatum, is a bushy plant with yellow flowers and a turpentine-like odor. An extract from the flowering part (napthrodianthrones) of the plant is a powerful antibacterial that has been used in folk remedies and tinctures since Roman times for a wide range of ailments such as depression and abrasions (and much more!). These extracts are currently used throughout the U.S. and Europe for treating mild depression. An extensive German study concluded that Hypericum perforatum extract ZE 117 (from St. John’s Wort) is therapeutically equivalent to the well known synthetic anti-depressant called Imipramine. All natural St. John’s Wort extract carries none of the side-effects commonly associated with Imipramine and it has many more benefits.

Using St. John’s Wort in conjunction with other protocols

Most know for treatment of depression, this plant works in many amazing ways.

For over 2000 years St. Johns Wort has been used for many applications such as; a pain-killer for arthritis, promoting regular urine flow, treating diarrhea, healing burns, ulcers and wounds, Tuberculosis and other breathing ailments, anxiety suppression, melancholia, depression and even psychotic outbreaks.

Recently new research has uncovered more ways to use this amazing plant as a treatment for a wide variety of problems including, first and foremost depression and anxiety as well as; chronic fatigue syndrome, PMS, bacterial and viral infections, dysentery, worms, bladder trouble, bacterially based tumors and boils, Tourette’s Syndrome, Bells’ Palsy, malaria, phlegm obstructions in the chest and lungs, internal bleeding, and chronic uterine problems. It really is a miracle plant